• David Seruya

    Founder & CEO of ServicePlus Home Warranty

    Edison, New Jersey, United States

  • David Seruya

    Founder & CEO of ServicePlus Home Warranty

    Edison, New Jersey, United States

About Me

David Seruya

Hello, My name is David Seruya. I am a Founder & CEO of ServicePlus Home Warranty based in California, USA. I can protect your budget from Unexpected, Costly home repair.

Website: www.davidseruya.com

Insta: @davidseruya

Study: Sy Syms School of Business

Degree: Master

Mail: contact@davidseruya.com

Linkedin: David Seruya

My Dad My Hero

My father, who has been my role model from a very young age, was such a person. He never quit. He worked six to seven days a week but even then, he wouldn’t forget to spend time with his family. He resolutely faced all the challenges his way in order to achieve his goals.
I’ve been moving forward with this kind of direction in mind ever since I graduated from college. And even now that I’ve founded and run several businesses, I still believe in this approach: to always test everything I do and to always persevere till the end.

My Journey

Everyone has their own “success story” to tell. Mine is perhaps a little more colorful than the norm based on the fact that my first ever venture ended up failing. However, I think that all success stories have something in common. That is… The one to come out on top is always the one who persists all the way to the end. The person who keeps trying and experimenting with new approaches to overcome obstacles. The person who may stumble time and time again but continues to stand up every single time no matter how hard the fall. This is the kind of “winner” I believe in.

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